For innovation,
it is not about seeing the future as an extension of past ideas, but rather a disposition/approach which facilitates the creation of meaningful new ideas. m.c.t. is Daishinsha's innovation consulting team, supporting clients' human-centered innovation through our design-research approach.




After joining Daishinsha CRM department in 2004, Yosuke worked for clients in banking, fashion/apparel, and semi-conductor industries. In 2007, he joined m.c.t. to focus on communication design for clients, specializing in auto, home electric appliances, telecom, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and local government.

Satomi GODA


Satomi has a background in psychology and is a certified social researcher. She has experience interviewing experts and users in industries such as pharmaceutical and food & beverage. She also develops marketing communication plans using methods such as an experience mapping and persona models.


Chief Director

Koji has been a member of m.c.t. since 2005, followed by long term experiences as a creative planner and copywriter for Daishinsha. He mainly works on ethnographic interviews, concept and idea development. While he is known for writing up a great report over a cup of tea, his weak point may be the vulnerability to ad-lib.


Chief Director:Experience Designer

Eiko is specialized in qualitative research such as persona marketing and the ZMET approach. She has supported clients to develop new products and services in the field of health and beauty, food, and housing, among others.


Chief Director:Ethnographer

Since joining m.c.t. in 2007, Shiho has been successfully directing design research projects locally and globally, helping the growth and development for a variety of clients' businesses through her strengths of intercultural communication and leadership.



Satoshi has experience with various projects ranging from developing new products to designing business strategies. His motto is to see everything with multiple points of view; the view of professional, non-professional, child, and so on. Based on this approach, he's refining his skill through his work.



Having studied design at university, Sayuri joined m.c.t. looking to design across a wide meaning. Using techniques such as ethnography and ZMET, she participates primarily in communication design and brand design.


Ethnographer:Service Experience Designer

Specializing in service experience design, Wakako is especially passionate about applying the power of design to produce better experiences in education and healthcare. Most recently, she was one of a few workshop presenters at the 2013 Service Design Japan Conference.


Chief Director

Since 2002, after participating in the launch of the service persona, he has experienced a variety of design research, and is currently promoting research projects for health care. Tomo says: "I love rock'n'roll. My keyword is rock'n'roll!"



Natsuki joined m.c.t. in 1996 with prior experience in advertisement production. Since shifting towards research, her experience has largely been related to women's health & beauty offerings, ranging from cosmetics to consumer electronics segments.



Since joining m.c.t. in 2012, Madoka has assisted on many projects relating to idea/communication development. She has quickly become an expert ethnographer and skilled practitioner of design thinking facilitation through extensive involvement with workshops and client projects.


Chief Director

Mr. Kusanagi joined m.c.t. as chief director in 2004, after successful careers as a graphic designer and AD. He has gained expertise in ethnography research from Doblin (U.S.), and today is developing design-service menus with eminent global partners.



Nobuo worked as a copywriter in Daishinsha prior to joining the m.c.t. team. He currently supports clients' human-centered innovation through specialization in various design research methods, such as ethnography, persona development, ClueScan, and ZMET interview methodology.

Nobuyuki OHNAGA


A certified consultant with PMI, and one of the head consultants in m.c.t. for service design projects. Nobu has been engaged in many projects for more than a decade, specializing in IT and medical fields, requiring speed and expert knowledge.



Akio joined m.c.t. in 2012 after studying law and cultural anthropology at Waseda University. "I'm looking for the essence of things. Combine them, and find the way to make a huge impact on your life. Break on through to the other side!"

Takeshi SATO


Takeshi joined Daishinsha after obtaining a Masters degree in Biology. Since then he has dealt with more than a 100 or so projects, and is a regular contributor to Daishinsha's web journal Experience Magazine. He is especially interested in the research on innovation and human instinct, and is a certifed psychological counselor.

Fumihiro SHIMONO


Fumihiro is interested in human-centered innovation, new product/service development, and business design. And football. He loves football.


m.c.t. Representative; Executive Board Member

Mr. Shirane has started his career in field of design from 1988, today delivering persona and other design methods into many Japanese companies. He is a past contributor to magazines such as Hitotsubashi Business Review, Nikkei Information Strategy, and Diamond Harvard Business Review.


Public Relations

Head of PR/communications for m.c.t. After two years at the Tokyo office, she is currently based in Osaka. She is bilingual in standard Japanese and Kansai region Japanese.

Youichi SUGIKI


Yoichi holds a master's degree in architecture design, and an overall interest in design methodology. As an extension of that interest he joined m.c.t., and primarily works on ethnographic research and concept development across various fields.


Chief Consultant

Mr. Tsukada is one of the original start-up members of m.c.t., and one of our key consultants. He has dealt with valuable studies as chief consultant for a range of clients including broadcasting, home appliance, food & beverage, and FMCG companies.



Upon graduation from UTA in psychology, Aki conducted ABA (applied behavior analysis) research & case work at the Child Study Center in Fort Worth, Texas. As a consultant with m.c.t., she mainly works with global projects and partnerships.


Chief Director

Prior to his role as chief director of m.c.t., Mr. Yoshioka had a long and successful career as a designer. Since joining m.c.t. in 2006, he has established himself as one of the most influential directors for clients' business across various fields.


Chief Director

Shuichi began his career working as an in-house art director/graphic designer for Daishinsha. In 2003, he became a member of m.c.t., and is currently engaged in product and service development which utilizes techniques such as ethnography and persona models.

Yoshiki UNO


Yoshiki says: "My job is to hear the story, and to observe the behavior of users, while at the same time, listening clearly to the client's voice." Valuing communication with both users and our clients, he does his best with "smile and pleasure and spirit!"


Experience Designer

Prior to joining mct in 2014, responsible for product strategy, distribution strategy, and general marketing business for food manufacturer. Specialize in marketing, branding, and strategic planning. Generally shy and introverted, with only a bit of an anxious, short temper.

Carl KAY


Carl Kay is a consultant with expertise in entrepreneurship, the services sector, user experience, and US-Japan business. With huge experiences from having his own company both in the US and Japan in the service sector, he has written a book and numerous articles about service marketing. Carl is also volunteer president of Harvard Club of Japan which is the largest Harvard University Alumni group outside of the US.



With a background in cognitive psychology & linguistics and leading community outreach with the NYC Dept. of Parks, Eric has a deep interest in understanding people and using that to design improvements in life for individuals and society. Before joining m.c.t. in 2014, he earned an MBA from Hitotsubashi ICS in Tokyo.

My Ha Thi TRAN


Prior to joining m.c.t., My Ha worked as a Strategic Planner for a global advertising agency in Vietnam. Her experience includes digital marketing and communication strategic planning. My Ha received her MBA from Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy in Tokyo, Japan.

Satoru INOUE


Satoru joined m.c.t. in 2014, having a background in human-environmental psychology and Kansei science (affective engineering). From his experience, he is sensitive to the behavior of the person, while being insensitive to his own biases. He says: "I want to perform the research which describes the real life experience."

Nanasa ASAI


Nanasa joined m.c.t. in 2014 as a certified social researcher with a background in clinical and cognitive psychology. She would like to explore the way to acquire and measure subconscious information as part of generating deeper user insights.


Having been trained in Alan Cooper's persona method by Forrester Research, m.c.t. incorporated persona creation service in 2002, since providing personas for communication design in industries ranging from housing and home appliances to mail order catalogs and financial institutions.
Aiming towards more fundamental problem solving, m.c.t. found opportunities across different innovation fields, and in particular, ethnographic research with Larry Keeley at Doblin. Afterwards, m.c.t. developed in-house innovation consulting services featuring ethnography and persona methods. Recommended by Doblin, we contracted with Professor Vijay Kumar of Illinois Institute of Technology, Institute of Design. Since then, m.c.t. has engaged in periodic training sessions and meetings with Prof. Kumar as part of strengthening our skills in facilitating human-centered innovation.
Developed from an experience design project for Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital, m.c.t.'s patient experience map was exhibited at the International Modern Hospital Show in 2004, receiving a very positive critical reception from the medical profession. In addition to many healthcare-related design projects such as hospital experience, nurse stations, and in-store pharmacies, m.c.t. carried out other projects across a broad range of industries; collaborating with product designers, architects, food coordinators, and furniture designers for developing a range of new offerings from candies to experimental devices. In 2005, our communication and promotion plan for Daiwa House's EDDI's House Project was nominated as finalist for Forrester Research's VOICE'S OF CUSTOMER AWARD and invited to the ceremony in New York City. Proposed solutions directly linked to promotional activities such as quantifying persona with data mining and evaluating persona with transaction data.
In 2006, m.c.t. hosted a series of Healthcare Design Seminars by inviting the firm Architect Hawaii (architects and interior designers of Kameda Sogo Hospital) and the Swedish design consulting firm Ergonomidesign (now Veryday).
In 2007, we established a Persona Design Consortium, and published the book 'Persona Strategy' (Diamond). In 2008, our persona methods and cases were broadcast on a special episode of the well-known Japanese business program, World Business Satellite. We also participated at EPIC2008 (Ethnography Praxis in Industry Conference), and the user research and spatial design work we conducted for the Morikawa Research Lab of Tokyo University was awarded by AICA Space Design Contest.
In 2009, our article on the innovation in patients' hospital experience project was featured in the Journal of Business Strategy. At EPIC2009 in Chicago, we hosted workshops called 'Focus on Emotions to Provide More Actionable' and 'Insights for Business Designers' along with 'Empathic Design Process'.
At EPIC2010 hosted here in Tokyo, we presented a workshop titled 'The (DO) of Service: Japan's Traditional SHINISE Businesses' along with 'Transmitting the Empathy'. For EPIC2011 in Boulder, Colorado presented a 'PechaKucha' session called 'Cheerful Humor: Changes in Japan after the Disaster'
In 2010, m.c.t. obtained the license to use ZMET from Olson Zaltman Associates. We quickly began building relationships across nine countries around the world to collaborate with other global partners in the field of ZMET and ethnographic research.
In 2011, m.c.t. obtained the license for offering ClueScan as part of our services from Experience Engineering, and in 2012, we started a business alliance with Innerscope Research in Boston. Also in 2012, m.c.t. co-hosted an innovation seminar for emerging country clients with Mexican design consulting company INSITUM. In 2013, as a member of the Service Design Network (SDN), we hosted a workshop called 'Secrets of Shinise? Learn Experience Design from Japanese Culture' at the first SDN Japan Conference. Towards the end of year in 2013, m.c.t. collaborated with Indian research consulting firm Convo on an innovation seminar for the Indian market. Planning to have a service design project with a former Live/Work consultant Jaimes Nel.


  • The Division

    Taking on global design projects across Europe, the United States, Japan and Korea. The Division and m.c.t. have previously collaborated on the development of experience design frameworks.

  • Olson Zaltman Associates

    Research and consulting firm featuring their patented ZMET service based on cognitive psychology and neuroscience theory, and used in order to understand user subconscious perceptions.

  • Experience Engineering

    Developers of ClueScan, a methodology for strategically managing customer experiences by helping to illuminate aspects, or "clues", of the customer experience across the five senses.

  • Innerscope Research

    Offering advanced biometrics techniques for quantitatively measuring an individual's emotional stimulation via biological responses, helping to reveal insights for improving communication strategies.

  • Focus Vision

    FocusVision builds technology that helps researchers conduct more effective qualitative research while greatly improving economic efficiencies in the process.

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