Global Ethnography

We are able to conduct research projects in North America, South America, Asia as well as other emerging countries. In addition to that we are able to access foreign residents in Japan. Global ethnogaphy helps generate innovation rooted in the typical needs of specific regions by comprehensively understanding the human needs reflected by context, such as historical background, policy, economic conditions, and culture, which drive people's thoughts behaviors.

Context Research

Understanding the larger picture surrounding the central issues is the first step of human-centered approach. Gathering information which is easy to collect from secondary information sources, such as local situations and notable trends, in order to grasp a general understanding and proceed more efficiently with fieldwork.

Opportunity Discovery from Context

Using 101 Design Methods and analyzing data from context research to discover business opportunities.


Being in real situations, using all five senses, and capturing people's activities with respect to the context of their real lives; our ethnographers aim to understand peoples' deeper goals and motivations.

Non-Japanese Persona Creation

Without visiting overseas we are able to create Non-Japanese Persona models. As part of this creation, we can recruit foreign residents of Japan and collect vivid data based on a particular theme. (3~5people/1session)

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