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Designed for growing the skills for doing ethnography overseas. Learn a "Rapid Ethnography Process" for understanding the points of organizing local tours, interview sessions and analysis workshops over the course of 7-10 day training period.

Research Design

Create detailed plans for research design, recruiting, and scheduling based on project themes. By using a session format, we are able to share the project flow among members and deepen a joint understanding about the theme.

Local Tour

Coordinate a relevant tour of the environment(s) related to the your copmany's offerings and customers. Learn key points of doing observation. (3-5 spots per day)

Ethnographic Interview

This is a research method based on immersing oneself into the everyday lives of local people and using an empathetic, but outsider perspective to observe and engage.It is possible to visit users' houses, stores, institutions, offices, factories and so on. (1-2 people per day)

Analysis Workshop

Understand the points of conducting analysis workshops together with local respondents, and local coordinators. (1-2 days)

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