Remote Ethnography

When going to the field is not possible, or when alternative methods are more suitable, we also conduct remote ethnography. This is an effective and unique approach for understanding the actual conditions of emerging markets and remote areas, and for discovering opportunities and shaping hypotheses prior to overseas activity.


Before the interview, depending on the theme, have respondents send us photos collected or video recorded by themselves, then analyze and classify those received materials. It is able to truly capture the thoughts and feelings towards products and services as well as actual using conditions through photos taken and comments made by respondents.


Conduct interviews by using Skype or telephone. Local partner will visit respondent's house together with video camera as a tool supporting us to conduct ethnographic interviews from distance.


It is a research method that builds up online research community by gathering targeted respondents and has them participate in individual and/or combined activities including discussions, blogs, and questionnaires within a certain period of time. This can facilitate a deeper ongoing discussion as respondents share their understanding and ideas about the theme.

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