Idea Generation

Come up with new ideas generated from unique insights using methods such as persona, experience mapping, and custom frameworks, as well as additional collaboration with users, specialists, experts, and opinion leaders.

For Concept Development

Idea sessions using acquired insights to generate a large number of ideas, and integrating them into a user-oriented idea system for the development of concepts.

For Innovation Plan

Starting from the customer/user perspective, integrate technology and business perspectives in order to develop a system for facilitating innovative business ideas.

Using Games

Idea sessions structured as games and group activities, featuring methods such as brain lighting, the Gordon method, and formation analysis.



Experience Framework / Idea Session / Goal Enrichment / Concept Metaphor / Role Play / Co-Creation Session / Concept Sorting / Morphological Approach / Concept Evaluation / Concept Link Map / Design Criteria / Future Scenario / Solution Diagram / Solution Role Play / Solution Prototype / Strategy Roadmap / Platform Plan

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