Opportunity 機会を見つける

Research 人々を理解する

  • Ethnography

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    Being in real situations, using all five senses, and capturing people's activities with respect to the context of their real lives; our ethnographers aim to understand peoples' deeper goals and motivations.

  • Co-Creation

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    Collaborate with users and other stakeholders as part of the design process. Users, or 'experts in user experiences', push designers and researchers to look at things from a perspective outside of their preconceived notions, helping to inspire new generations of products and services.

  • ZMET & Biometrics

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    ZMET & Biometrics

    Actualize people's subconscious and deep psyche through methodologies applied from cognitive psychology and neuroscience, collecting both qualitative and quantitative insights of users' subconscious needs.

Insight インサイトを獲得する

Ideas アイデアを生み出す

Experience 経験をデザインする

Install イノベーション能力を高める

  • Seminar

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    Introduce thinking behind advanced approaches, processes, and cases currently being implemented by leading corporations throughout the world. These seminars are often utilized by clients to have better understanding of, and collaboration with, project stakeholders.

  • Training

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    Move from understanding to the 'how-to' of installing processes and methods into teams and organizations. Training programs are often attended by executives and senior management in business planning departments, product development and marketing.

  • Innovation Process Develop

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    Innovation Process Development

    Supporting the departments such as product development and marketing to foster continual innovation in their own groups and in working with others in their organization.

Global Design Research グローバルデザインリサーチ

  • Global Ethnography

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    Global Ethnography

    We are able to conduct research projects in North America, South America, Asia as well as other emerging countries. In addition to that we are able to access foreign residents in Japan. Global ethnogaphy helps generate innovation rooted in the typical needs of specific regions by comprehensively understanding the human needs reflected by context, such as historical background, policy, economic conditions, and culture, which drive people's thoughts behaviors.

  • Global Training Menu

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    Global Training Menu

    Designed for growing the skills for doing ethnography overseas. Learn a "Rapid Ethnography Process" for understanding the points of organizing local tours, interview sessions and analysis workshops over the course of 7-10 day training period.

  • Remote Ethnography

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    Remote Ethnography

    When going to the field is not possible, or when alternative methods are more suitable, we also conduct remote ethnography. This is an effective and unique approach for understanding the actual conditions of emerging markets and remote areas, and for discovering opportunities and shaping hypotheses prior to overseas activity.

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