Persona Development

Utilize insights to create persona models representing different user segments, clarifying for whom what problems should be addressed, and where opportunities for innovative offerings might be.

For Product /Service Improvement

By specifically describing user goals and the way to reach those goals, you are able to clarify which aspects should be targeted for improvement.

For Innovation

Using inspiration from such "extreme" users and non-users alike, opportunities for identifying innovation beyond the concept of industry category can arise from the image of a specific kind person.

For Communication

What kind of information and support do users require in order to reach their goal(s), and where/when do they need it? By describing in detail the kind of cross-channels users engage with until reaching their goal(s), it is possible to gain insights for innovative communication strategies.

For Learning and Sharing

Helping to refine understanding of customer image, improve acquisition of the persona method, and make in-house knowledge sharing more effective.



Physical Model / ERAF System Diagram / Activity Network / Insight Matrix / Semantic Profile / User Segmentation / Persona / Scenario / Experience Map / Experience Motif / Insight Workshop / Persona Workshop

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