Move from understanding to the 'how-to' of installing processes and methods into teams and organizations. Training programs are often attended by executives and senior management in business planning departments, product development and marketing.

Persona Marketing Program

Learn process and method of using the persona technique. Devised by Cooper Interaction Design, Inc. to go beyond superficial details such as demographic and lifestyle, and discover hidden needs of users in real contexts.

Ethnographic Marketing Program

Based on the methods of Prof. Vijay Kumar from IIT-Institute of Design, learn the process of finding innovation opportunities by focusing on human activity rather than particular products/services.

Experience Engineering Program

From the leading authority on experience design Lewis Carbone, learn techniques based on a customer experience mindset for designing total customer experiences and thoughtful process management.

Co-Creation Scenario Planning Program

Learn processes and techniques used to help create new markets by combining lead user research and human-centered design workshops with scenario planning, to recognize non-sequential changes of the external environment and changing meaning of products and services.

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