Contextual Research

Aiming to understand the broader context from the start. With more perspective comes a greater ability to visualize opportunities for innovation while confidently focusing on project scope.

Understand Context

Supplementing secondary source information with interactions with local stakeholders, we aim to understand the local culture and social environment. By understanding the society and culture driving people's behavior, we are able to consider the nature of the problem within the larger context.

Understand Trends

Analyzing patterns of past trends, with interviews of current lead users and futurists, we look at the trends taking place beyond industry-level which might reveal directions for viable innovation.

Understand Innovation Patterns

Combining analysis of client industry trends and patterns with the qualitative information of past innovation, we refer to patterns of successful innovation while focusing on areas where innovation may not have yet happened.

Diagnose Company Processes & Capabilities

The capability for continuous human-centered innovation calls for different kinds of processes and capacities. We support such innovation through organizational analysis of current development processes, skills, systems, decision-making criteria, evaluation methods, and corporate culture.



Experience Interview / Stakeholder Interview / Media Scan / Case Study / Industry Bias / Era Map / Trend Map / Value System / Convergence Map / Trend Matrix / Opportunity Map / Product/Action/Culture / Workshop / Scenario Workshop / Opportunity Workshop

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