Opportunity Discovery

Looking at the current market and competitive landscape, and determining which areas are saturated and which have potential for shifts and/or developing new opportunities.

Discover New Market Space

By visually organizing current products and services along relevant matrices, we can hone in on untouched or fertile areas for new ideas.

Redefine Existing Market

Create space for redefining industry with a fresh value proposition by analyzing the existing market with respect to what has and has not yet been considered.

Share Innovation Vision

By removing the filter and sharing a wider perspective of potential market opportunities, the vision for innovation at the early stages will benefit from a fresh perspective/dimension of analysis.

Define Project Goals and Scope

Organize the various aspects of project proposal along the lines of "customer", "customer goals", and "area of problem solving" in order to define project goals and scope.



Experience Interview / Stakeholder Interview / Media Scan / Case Study / Industry Bias / Era Map / Trend Map / Value System / Convergence Map / Trend Matrix / Opportunity Map / Product/Action/Culture / Workshop / Scenario Workshop / Opportunity Workshop

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