Scenario Planning

Simulating a variety of 'possible futures' to support innovation in an environment of high uncertainty.

For Vision & Strategy

We develop multiple scenarios in order to identify viable strategies relevant to the client's needs and overall vision.

For Innovation

By using scenarios to widen our imagination of the future, rather than simply making extensions from the past, we can come up with dramatic and inspiring ideas.

For Learning

Scenario planning requires the ability to recognize various environments surrounding the business, not to mention the sense to infer changes in that context (e.g. via social trends). Doing so improves the ability to respond to unexpected situations. Furthermore, by incorporating a variety of stakeholders during development from inside and outside the organization, we can identify key areas of shared understanding between stakeholders.



Experience Interview / Stakeholder Interview / Media Scan / Case Study / Industry Bias / Era Map / Trend Map / Value System / Convergence Map / Trend Matrix / Opportunity Map / Product/Action/Culture / Workshop / Scenario Workshop / Opportunity Workshop

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