Collaborate with users and other stakeholders as part of the design process. Users, or 'experts in user experiences', push designers and researchers to look at things from a perspective outside of their preconceived notions, helping to inspire new generations of products and services.

Lead User Research: Anticipate Future Needs

Expand research to advanced users who may have developed their own solutions or adaptations. By exploring needs and wants not yet manifested in the marketplace, find hints into developing innovative offerings.

Co-Creation Session: Sketch the Future with Users

Generate ideas and concepts which impact customer experience by inviting users to participate in idea and concept development, and collaborate with designers and researchers as "experts in user experience." Through making something, it is possible to explore the deeper needs of users.

ClueScan: Self-Discovery of User Needs

Clients and users themselves take on the role of customer, experiencing the entire process through all five senses to uncover clues which affect their emotions and attitudes related to the offering. Going beyond individual clues, comprehensively evaluate whether the company is able to provide consistent clues based on the concepts it wants to communicate.



Cluescan / Deep Dive / City Share / Experience Simulation / Observation / Video Ethnography / Remote Ethnography / Depth Interview / Ethnographic Interview / Picture Interview / Cultural Probe / Card Sorting / Collage / Generative Session / IAE / ZMET / ZMET Express / innerscope

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