Being in real situations, using all five senses, and capturing people's activities with respect to the context of their real lives; our ethnographers aim to understand peoples' deeper goals and motivations.

Understand People Deeply

When people use products and services, what is it that they really want to do? What do they really want to feel? Who are they trying to become? We aim to understand peoples' goals more deeply through fundamental techniques such as observation, empathy, and listening.

Understand Context

White space of peoples' needs/goals that are as of yet unfulfilled = revealing new areas for opportunity

Discover New Market Space

By aiming to understand a region's historical background, policies, economic conditions, and culture, all of which influence peoples' behavior and customs, we can more comprehensively identify the values and needs of the people who live there.

Share Innovation Vision

By sharing insights, common perceptions about customers become apparent, creating a sense of unity among the team.



Cluescan / Deep Dive / City Share / Experience Simulation / Observation / Video Ethnography / Remote Ethnography / Depth Interview / Ethnographic Interview / Picture Interview / Cultural Probe / Card Sorting / Collage / Generative Session / IAE / ZMET / ZMET Express / innerscope

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