ZMET & Biometrics

Actualize people's subconscious and deep psyche through methodologies applied from cognitive psychology and neuroscience, collecting both qualitative and quantitative insights of users' subconscious needs.
※ZMET is patented systematic methodology for mining users' subconscious needs (thoughts and feelings) and is licensed by OZA ( OLSON ZALTMAN ASSOCIATES).
m.c.t. of daishinsha is the only private sector company to offer ZMET services in Japan.

[ZMET] Understand Potential Customer Needs using Metaphor

Multistep interview process mediated with images and metaphors, tapping into the structure and hidden meaning behind user thoughts and actions, such as underlying motivations, which then reveal deeper insights previously unobtainable by other methods.

[ZMET] Find Concepts for Differentiation

Find out user perceptions of client and competitor brands, as well as brand positioning, by using metaphors for important meanings in order to identify concepts for strategic differentiation.

[ZMET Concept Development] Evaluate Concepts at Unconscious Level

Use ZMET to arouse users' thinking, emotions, and personal stories as they are presented with concept plans during or after development.

[IAE + Biometrics] Evaluate Offerings and Communications at Unconscious Level

Present users with the product packaging and advertising plan to qualitatively measure connection between associative keywords with the original concept to see if it is being transmitted as intended.



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